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March 20, 2006

10 immediate ways to Speed up ya Computers

Heck this works kids! There are tons of ways to do it but none are complicated as this [not in a sense this is hard but as in 'ow I never heard this] and it fits my blog motta! Ha!

10 ways to speed up a computer

aah...I love astronomy. Read my first book when I was 7 years old about MIR and the monkeys and dogs going to space and stuff [forgot about it] From then I dreamed of being an astronomer till I saw buildings, then I wanted to be a Civil Engineer, then saw the stupid computers...guess what

That aside, now photo of the week thingy

Apollo 11, Last shot b4 launch

Last modified shot of Apollo 11. Click on picture to make it bigger or set it as walpaper! If I were to go on that thing to moon, and I see this scary looking thing, I would pee in my pants ;)


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