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March 28, 2006

Hello My Future Girlfriend

Hello My Future Girlfriend is one of the oldest and most popular Internet phenomena. Originating sometime in 1998, it consists of a photograph of a rather geeky-looking young man with a mullet by the name of Michael Blount, with the accompanying text:

If you have come here it must be because you meet me in yahoo chat. I just lost my girlfriend. If you want to be my girlfriend please E-mail me or ICQ me my e-mail is my icq# is 19171502. my name is Michael. This is me If you have Microsoft Internet Explorer you will hear me in the background. If you have netscape click here. If you are going to be my girlfriend please don't dump me after I like you.

The main attraction of the site, however, is an embedded audio recording of the site's creator. It states:

Hello my future girlfriend. This is what I sound like. I am eleven years old, in the sixth grade, in New Mexico. Please PM me, if I'm on Yahoo Chat. Bye, thanks for stopping by

Soon after its discovery many parodies arose, and to this day it remains one of the signature Internet phenomena.

"Official" site

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