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June 23, 2006

Runescape Second Dupe Glitch, RS Dupe Bug Found

In the game of Runescape that I play, there are friends of mine who are getting banned because they brought mills. Reason? It says in their ban message that they brought mills that are obtained using a bug.

The Bug is said to be 'open' when System Update Occurs and here is how its done.

Right before a system update. Three people would go into the wildy via the ardy switch. Then the person with the cash would trade 1 of the other persons. With two seconds left, they would accept the trade and the guy recieving the gold would log out. Then the third guy would kill the person who gave the gold. It was usually two level 3's and a level 100 doing this.

By doing this, the person recieving the gold's profile is saved. The person who gets killed doesnt get saved and there is a roll back so he gets the gold back.

Its a bug that can be used to dupe anything. However, not to draw attention, the dupers only duped gps...about 80 Billions of them. As most people think...this isn't done in one single you would need 80B in hand to dupe another 80B. This was said to be done over months. So lets call it "the second Dupe Glitch"

Its also the reason that millions in eBay have gone down in prices and rare prices went up. The Glitch is known to very few people but even not all of them really used it. However, whoever used it are getting banned.

A Sample of Ban message someone received:

Dear ------,

Your account has been involved in or directly receiving items which have been obtained through exploiting a bug in RuneScape.

Your account knowingly received these items and you were in control of your account during the time of the trade.

Your account will remain permanently banned.

Yours Sincerely
Mod ------
RuneScape Customer Support

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Anonymous David (Gunit1005 on RS) said...

Wow... Masterminds in RuneScape.. that makes me feel safe when I try to go to Mage Arena =P

2:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wat wil hapen if it was a accident glitch?
would jagex stil ban u

1:30 PM  
Anonymous cmd19872002 said...

lol how can a lvl 100 atk a lvl 3 in around 53 wild? + now you cant cuz of trade limit crap.

But the server reset stuff is true, you can just trade within a sec of the rollback and the 1 that recives the gold logs and the other stays in for the kick and both accoungs get the money.


10:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

boii do u still have lvl 1 acc

5:19 PM  

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