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July 06, 2006

100 Ways to Reduce Stress

1. Getup 15 minutes earlier
2. Prepare for the morning the night before
3. Avoid tight-fitting clothes.
4. Don't rely on your memory
5. Practice preventative maintenance
6. Make duplicate keys and store them where you can get to them
7. Say no more often
8. Set priorities in your life
9. Avoid negative people
10. Use your time wisely
11. Simplify everything you can
12. Make copies of important papers and store them where you'll be able to find them
13. repair anything that doesn't work properly
14. Ask for help
15. Chunk down big jobs into little ones
16. View problems as challenges
17. Look at challenges as opportunities
18. Unclutter your life.
19. Smile
20. Be prepared for rain
21. Laugh at something
22. Pet a dog or cat
23. Don't try to know all the answers
24. Look for the silver lining
25. Say something nice to someone
26. Teach a kid to fly a kite
27. Walk in the rain
28. Schedule some time each day to play.
29. Take a long shower or a bubble bath
30. Be Conscious of the decisions you make
31. Believe in yourself
32. Stop beating yourself up
33. Stop saying negative things to yourself.
34. Visualize yourself winning
35. Develop your sense of humor
36. Stop thinking that tomorrow will be a better day
37. Set goals for yourself.
38. Say hello to a stranger
39. Ask a friend for a hug
40. Give a friend a hug.
41. Look at the stars
42. Breathe slowly
43. Learn to whistle
44. Read a poem
45. Listen to some music you've never heard before
46. Watch a ballet
47. Read something
48. Do something new.
49. Stop a bad habit.
50. Buy yourself a flower
51. Smell the flower
52. Find support from others
53. Give support to others
54. Do it today.
55. Work at being cheerful and optimistic
56. Put safety first.
57. Do everything you do in moderation.
58. Pay attention to your appearance
59. Strive for excellence, not perfection
60. Stretch your limits a little each day
61. Look at a painting or a sculpture
62. Hum a song.
63. Eat nutritiously
64. Plant a tree
65. Feed a bird
66. Practice grace under pressure
67. Stand up and stretch
68. Have a "plan B"
69. Draw a picture
70. Buy some crayons and color
71. Learn a joke.
72. Be responsible for your feelings
73. Meet your own needs.
74. Know you limitations and let others know them, too.
75. Throw a paper airplane
76. Exercise
77. Learn the words to a song
78. Get to work early
79. clean out one closet or one drawer
80. Go on a picnic
81. Take a different route to work
82. Put an air freshener in your car
83. Watch a movie
84. Eat some popcorn while you are watch a movie.
85. Write a note to someone you haven't heard from in a while
86. Take a walk.
87. Go to a ball game and scream
88. Eat a meal by candle light.
89. Recognize the importance of unconditional love.
90. Remember that stress is an attitude.
91. Keep a journal
92. Practice a smile
93. Remember that there are always options
94. Develop a support system
95. Quit trying to "fix" people.
96. Get enough sleep
97. Talk less
98. Listen more
99. Praise others
100. Stop counting things.


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