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September 13, 2006

Have it your way, make an avatar or test a hairstyle! Online Doll Maker

Make your own bad-ass avatars with almost billions of options! Use them for forums to better describe yourself to others or even in chat rooms!

The fun thing about this game is the number of choices given to you. For every catagory, there wre more than 50 choices! Such as 50 hairstyles [50 for boys and 50 for girls] 50 different shoe types, capes, swords, cd players and even ipods to choose from. You can have dress-up games with your kids or even in your forums to kill some time.

Test out a hairstyle on your 'doll' before going out and actually taking it then saying the style looks bad on you! Or even try shirts and shoes on and how they look on a doll alike you! Options are endless and so is the navigation. There is 3 options available for doll creaters

1. No mouse [keyboard]
2. Click and Drop
3. Click and Drag

Personally, I used them all 3 during my sample run and came up with the following!

Create dolls on The Doll Palace doll maker

If I had little bit more time, it would've been Neo from the Matrix! [I am close!]

Remember, you can save your doll in picture format, print it, get html code or other codings to post in relative places! So why not give it a try?

Dollmaker Dress Up Games for girls


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