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September 07, 2006

Suri Cruise with Asian Ancestors? Who is it?

Look at her, one of the most sought-after babies even before Brangelinaz! Scientiology and her Poop sculpture mystery coming out before the baby pictures! Atlast, the baby is real, and cute looking and matching for the celebraty parents [well Tom ain't no more a celebraty after his stunts]

Now the real question is, Suri is looking Chinese! I mean look at her eyes, those walnut eyes, beautiful but still Chinese. The hair, dark black, pale skin [White infants have pinkish skin]. The question, as I asked before is...Which one of them have a Chinese Ancestor? Is it Tom or Holmes? I will let you to find the answers in your lunch time break or evening gossips =]

I bet 100 bucks that its Holmes's Ancestors.

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