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June 11, 2006

Meteorite Hits the Earth [Stimulation Only]

There are some questions from me such as

1. What happened to all the evaporated water? I mean there is going to be tons and tons of water in the air in high temperatures. I was thinking of massive hot shower sometime later?

2. How come some fragile structures still stand...Even the Clock rings while Poseidon temple's towers burn red hot!

3. That much of a meteorite would probably crack the earth into two or even push it from the orbit. The meteorite is supposively striking the earth at 700 000km/h and size of the moon...

Answers are welcomed! Overall, its very very good video...Hard to find errors in scientific terms though!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The biggest tsunamis earth has ever seen?

3:40 PM  
Blogger gasoon said...

[...] This is a Japanese documentary that simulate the end of the world; the day when our mother earth was hit by a GIANT Meteor [...]

I linked it to my site... Thanks

1:38 PM  

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