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June 15, 2006

GFX Worms, the new Trend in GFX World

Titile says it. They are cool, awsome, wowaweewa...whatever you want to say.

What is a GFX Worm?

A GFX Worm is a collection of images that are placed together to make one, extremely long, image. Each of the pieces submitted must follow on perfectly from the previous piece. This transition should be pretty much unnoticable, so as to further the idea that it is one, long image.

So yea, they look cool but creative since its not just one guy's work. Rememeber, these images are very large so 56kers watchout!

Longest GFX Worm:

- Contributing Artists: 59
- Worm Size: 4.61 Mb
- Worm Length: 100 images
- Length: 69.44 ft

Click here for the details
Click Here for the Worm

Another GFX Worm I found on net:

Click here for the Worm

Runescape Community's GFX Worm:

- Total images: 20
- Total size: 1.9 mb
- Total length: 13.89 ft

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Click here for the Picture


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