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April 08, 2006

Family Guy Vs South Park...Its Official

It seems that in South Park Season 10, Epi 3...there was a lots of flaming towards Family Guy Series. South Park attacked Family Guy for not being funny enough, having lame jokes, this and that. I got the whole Episode divided in 3 sections if ya want to watch. Links are below. You think there is going to be a Family Guy episode on South Park?

Episode 3 - Part I

Episode 3 - Part II
Episode 3 - Part III

Incredible Rube Goldberg Machines Must Watch!

Sweet eh...I remember a Honda Ad? that came out like this and I was pepped up by that. These ones are small...good stuff too! Just click Play and you are good to go!

April 06, 2006

Study finds two supermassive black holes spiraling toward collision

A pair of supermassive black holes in the distant universe are intertwined and spiraling toward a merger that will create a single super-supermassive black hole capable of swallowing billions of stars, according to a new study by astronomers at the University of Virginia, Bonn University and the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory.

The study appears in the April 6, 2006 issue of the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics.

Black holes are among the oldest regions of the universe and hold clues to understanding the formation of the universe and its destiny. Though astronomers have theorized that coupled black holes exist, and that black holes sometimes merge and form supermassive black holes, the new study provides further evidence that this in fact occurs.

"The two key questions about supermassive black holes are: Where do they come from and how do they grow over time?" said Craig Sarazin, the W.H. Vanderbilt Professor of Astronomy at the University of Virginia and co-author of the study. "The birth, care and nurturing of supermassive black holes is a very active area of study in astronomy."

Supermassive black holes are areas in space that are so dense and massive they contain up to billions of stars and continually suck in more stars, further building their mass and gravitational pull. Even light cannot escape the pull of gravity in a black hole. The area appears as it is described: a black hole in space.

"Black holes are the ultimate garbage disposals," Sarazin said. "The material they swallow disappears without any trace, except for the gravity of the black hole."

Sarazin and his colleagues used NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory to glean their results. Black holes are detectable because they produce large amounts of X-ray emission, similar to the radiation used for medical diagnosis. This high-energy radiation is invisible to our eyes, but can be seen with X-ray telescopes.

"There is no way to determine how a black hole was created or what kinds of things it has swallowed just by looking at the resulting black hole," Sarazin said. "You have to catch the black hole when it is sitting down to dinner or still eating." That, essentially, is what the Sarazin team has accomplished. They focused their observations on the center of a cluster of galaxies named Abell 400 where astronomers had previously suggested that a pair of supermassive black holes might be colliding. The two holes seemed to be relatively close together, but there was no proof that they were bound to one another or merging.

"The question was: Is this pair of supermassive black holes an old married couple, or just strangers passing in the night?" Sarazin said. "We now know that they are coupled, but more like the mating of black widow spiders. One of the black holes invariably will eat the other."

NASA is interested in helping astronomers better understand the formation of supermassive black holes and is currently planning to build an array of three space satellites called LISA (Laser Interferometry Space Antenna) to detect gravity waves from merging black holes.

"Obviously, astronomers would like to be certain that this process of supermassive black hole mergers really does occur, so that LISA will have something to detect," Sarazin said.

In recent years, astronomers have discovered that every large galaxy in the present day universe likely has a supermassive black hole. The Milky Way's own supermassive black hole has swallowed as much material as four million suns. The biggest galaxies contain black holes that have swallowed many billions of stars worth of material.

In some cases, two galaxies containing supermassive black holes collide and merge together, and eventually the two supermassive black holes fall into the center of the merged larger galaxy, and spiral together. Ultimately, they merge into one even larger hole. Sarazin's team found that the two merging supermassive black holes in Abell 400 appear to be swallowing gas from their host galaxy, and each is ejecting a pair of oppositely-directed jets of radio-emitting plasma. As the supermassive black holes fall through the gas in the cluster Abell 400, jets of radio-emitting plasma are swept back behind them.

"The jets are similar to the contrails produced by planes as they fly through the air on Earth," Sarazin said. "From the contrails, we can determine where the planes have been, and in which direction they are going. What we see is that the jets are bent together and intertwined, which indicates that the pair of supermassive black holes are bound and moving together."

By Craig Sarazin. Original Article here

April 05, 2006

Survival Story Rah Rah Rah Rah

Me friend Prash recommended this song and so I was like why not! Now i m hooked upto it =)

Photoshop Picture with 15,000 Layers & 1.7 Gigabyte file

Quote taken from Source:
This is my latest and most ambitious digital painting of a Chicago scene unveiled at Photoshop World in Miami on March 22, 2006.
It is a panorama of the Damen Station on the Blue Line of the Chicago Transit Authority.
Adobe Illustrator was used for generating the majority of the basic shapes as well as all the buildings in the Chicago skyline.
The rest was created in Photoshop.
• The image size is 40 inches by 120 inches.
• The flattened file weighs in at 1.7 Gigabytes.
• It took eleven months (close to 2,000 hours) to create.
• The painting is comprised of close to fifty individual Photoshop files.
• Taking a cumulative total of all the files, the overall image contains over 15,000 layers.
• Over 500 alpha channels were used for various effects.
• Over 250,000 paths make up the multitude of shapes throughout the scene.

Original Site here

April 04, 2006

Spiderman 3 Plot revealed! Black Suits? Venom?

Plot Summary for Spider-Man 3 (2007)

Third film in the highly successful "Spider-Man" series sees several new villains and a new woman enter Peter Parker's life. With his secret now revealed to both Mary Jane and Harry, Peter must face the consequences of his actions and his new life together with Mary Jane as they finally form a relationship. Yet their newfound open display of love has yielded some unfortunate results, not the least of which is Peter's upset boss determined to make his life hell for causing his son emotional distress. Not helping is a young investigative reporter named Eddie Brock who Jameson has hired to find out why Mary Jane dumped his son for Peter - what's Parker's secrets?

At the same time an escaped prisoner hiding out on a remote beach is caught in a dreadful accident and finds himself turned into a shape-shifting sand creature. Peter's investigations into the past of this 'Sandman' brings him in contact with two very different things that will inevitably alter his life. The first a young woman named Gwen Stacy, daughter of the city's new police chief who is developing a soft spot for Peter. The other, a black substance from an accident scene which 'merges' with Peter's costume and gives him new found abilities. Things come to a head however when Harry Osborn, determined to take revenge against Peter for his father's death and now equipped with what he needs to pull it off, teams with The Sandman in a new variation of his father's Green Goblin guise and causes mayhem.

In the ensuing chaos lives are lost, including people very close to Peter, whilst the black substance covering his suit separates from him and merges with a distraught Brock to form something else entirely - a creature unlike anything he's ever faced. A 'Venom' that he may not be able to stop.

Story taken from here

April 03, 2006

Self Erecting Tent...and I thought

Who has never dreamt of a tent that could erect itself without any help? – Just throw 2Seconds into the air and it will open up on its own before even reaching the ground. It is the spring hoops that enable this. The idea was to pre-assemble the different elements (room, double roof, hoops) to simplify the hiker's life as much as possible. This is a real tent, with the following features: • Coated double roof with waterproof seams for excellent water resistance

• Anti-condensation “breathing” room
• Extra-strong polyester fabric
• Ideal space for 2 people (1.45 m by 2.45 m)
• 2 seconds to open it up
• 15 seconds to fold it back 2Seconds makes hiking more accessible, and is fast becoming one of the more popular “small dome” tents

Source here

Take a Bathroom Survey

Ok this is something that I found during my ventures around the Web. A Bathroom Servey! Questions include:

Are you a double dipper? (A double-dipper will sometimes wipe more than once with the same piece of toilet paper)

61% said No

Do you drop a few squares of toilet paper in the bowl before you start, to stop water/pee from bouncing up into your ass?

86% said No

Ok enough with the 'Eeeew' 'Pheew' stuff. Take the survey alright! Over 1M ppl took it and its completely personal and its a fun one too =)

Take the Survey Here

A Computer With 400 Terabytes of Memory

NEWPORT, R.I.—The Energy Department’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory will start to take delivery on a computer at least as three times more powerful than any now in operation.

The system should be operational by 2008, according to Thomas Zacharia, ORNL associate lab director for computing and computational sciences. Zacharia spoke at the High Performance Computing and Communications Conference this week in Newport, R.I.

Cray Inc. of Seattle will supply the system, named Baker. It will run approximately 24,000 2.6 Ghz quad-core Opteron processors made by Advanced Micro Devices Inc. The nodes will be housed in 187 liquid-cooled cabinets. The system, which is still in early stages of design, will have either 187 or 400 terabytes of working memory (depending on the cost of memory modules) and from one to 11 petabytes of storage.

Such a computer, if operational today, would be considered the world's fastest; it may even be the first to break the 1 petaflop limit. A PFLOP is 1 quadrllion floating-point operations per second.

According to the list, today's most powerful computer is the Blue Gene/L, run by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, another Energy Department outfit. That system currently runs at about 350 teraflops (350 trillion floating-point operations per second), though the lab and IBM Corp. plan to expand its capability to 1 PFLOP, also by 2008.

The laboratory will rely on the Tennessee Valley Authority for the power needed to run this behemoth. The power company is building a 170 megawatt substation to support this and other ORNL projects.

Like current ORNL systems, this one will be used by some of the country's best scientists to further explore the limits of their fields. Researchers must demonstrate the need for using the computer, and the lab will look for those jobs that are too large for other systems.

"We're entering new realm of scientific discovery, where we are looking at things at a much smaller scale. Computing expands upon our understanding of the natural world," Zacharia said. "Greater computer capacity allows researchers tackle more complex problems."
Read the Entire Article here

Hubble's Sharpest View of the Orion Nebula

This dramatic image offers a peek inside a cavern of roiling dust and gas where thousands of stars are forming. The image, taken by the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) aboard NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, represents the sharpest view ever taken of this region, called the Orion Nebula. More than 3,000 stars of various sizes appear in this image. Some of them have never been seen in visible light. These stars reside in a dramatic dust-and-gas landscape of plateaus, mountains, and valleys that are reminiscent of the Grand Canyon.
Read More here

Incredible Little Mech Sculpture

The pic talks...this isn't a working robot...its rather a Mech Sculpture. The designer seems to have put in great ammount of work and it sure do looks like realistic ones from movies like I ROBOT.

More Images Here

April 02, 2006

Speed up your Torrents Downloads!

Help! Bittorrent is slow… This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions I get about Bittorrent. Unfortunately there’s not some kind of magic trick that makes your torrents go through the roof. But you could take some simple steps to optimize your speeds. This does help alot when it comes to Torrent Downloads. Use it at your own risk.

1. Cap your upload
Limit your upload speed to approximately 80 percent of your maximum upload rate. You can check your upload speed over here (never trust your isp). Once you know your maximum upload speed, change the max upload (to 80%) speed in your torrent client’s preferences.
Don’t get me wrong, everyone should share as much as possible, but if your upload rate reached it’s max, your download rate suffers significantly.

2. Hack the max TCP connections
If you’re on XP sp2, your TCP connections are limited to a maximum of 10. This seriously hurts your downloading speed because it wont let you connect to a high amount of ip numbers. It is supposed to slow down viruses because their spreading strategy is to connect to a high amount of ip numbers, but it also cripples your torrent downloads.
A nice way to fix this is to download this patch ( mirror), it allows you to set the maximum allowed connections to any number you want. Any number between 50 and 100 is ok (more on this).

3. Check seeds and peers
A simple tip, but o so important. Always look for torrents with the best seed/peer ratio. The more seeds (compared to peers) the better (in general). So 50 seeds and 50 peers is better than 500 seeds and 1000 peers. So, be selective.

4. Change the default port.
By default, bittorrent uses a port 6881-6999. Bittorrent accounts for a lot of the total internet traffic (1/3), so isp’s like to limit the connection offered on the these ports. So, you should change these to another range. Good clients allow you to do this, just choose anything you like. If you’re behind a router, make sure you have the ports forwarded or UPnP enabled.

5. Disable Windows Firewall
It sucks. Windows Firewall hates P2P and often leads a life of it’s own. So disable it and get yourself a decent firewall, Kerio or Zone Alarm for example.

Last but not least… Buy a faster connection…

Original Source Here

Your source for Family Guy Episodes

This is a Torrent Site with all 5 Seasons of Family Guy ready to go! Also got Chapplle's Show Clips and American Dad Clips.

Link here

Cornell researchers build a robot that can reproduce & repair itself

Frames from a video show the replication process. A robot consisting of a stack of four cubes begins by bending over and depositing one of its cubes on the table. The remaining three cubes pick up additional cubes from "feeding stations" and transfer them to the new robot, which assists in the process by standing itself up.

The Article:

One of the dreams of both science fiction writers and practical robot builders has been realized, at least on a simple level: Cornell University researchers have created a machine that can build copies of itself.

Admittedly the machine is just a proof of concept -- it performs no useful function except to self-replicate -- but the basic principle could be extended to create robots that could replicate or at least repair themselves while working in space or in hazardous environments, according to Hod Lipson, Cornell assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, and computing and information science, in whose lab the robots were built and tested.

Lipson and colleagues report on the work in a brief communication in the May 12 issue of Nature.

Their robots are made up of a series of modular cubes -- called "molecubes" -- each containing identical machinery and the complete computer program for replication. The cubes have electromagnets on their faces that allow them to selectively attach to and detach from one another, and a complete robot consists of several cubes linked together. Each cube is divided in half along a long diagonal, which allows a robot composed of many cubes to bend, reconfigure and manipulate other cubes. For example, a tower of cubes can bend itself over at a right angle to pick up another cube.

Watch the Video Here After watching this video...all I can say is Holy mother of God!!
Read More Here

Prisoner of Redmond: Yet Another Way Paul Allen Isn’t Like You or Me

There are hundreds of Microsoft millionaires (and even a few Microsoft billionaires) in the suburbs of Seattle. For the most part, these are people who no longer work for Microsoft, but still own company shares. They worked very hard for years and are now reaping the rewards of that work combined with their good luck. Most of them are proud of their careers, but a few are secretly ashamed. Climb high enough in the organization, and it becomes clear that Microsoft’s success has not always been based on legal or ethical behavior. The company is, after all, a convicted monopolist, and the exercise of those monopoly powers wasn’t just through a Gates or a Ballmer, but also through dozens of top managers, at least some of whom had to have known that what they were doing was wrong. These are smart people, but also people trapped by their own success. Some are in denial, some are just quiet. Nobody wants to risk what they have accumulated by talking about it. You would think great wealth would be freeing, but it isn’t always. Sometimes it is a trap.

By Robert X. Cringely: Read the entire story here