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July 15, 2006

Slow Motion Water Balloon Blowup

A Water Baloon - video powered by Metacafe

July 13, 2006

Increase your Internet Speed, Easy Optimization Guide

Here's the way i speed up my internet connection.

First, i want to say that's this is only optimazion of your connection, i mean when your connection is 56k, please don't expect you get a cable speed alike. At least this will optimize your connection.

Clean up your PC:

1. Use new updated AV and Anti-Spyware to clean Virus, Malware, Adware, especially Spyware coz Spyware kill your speed.

2. Use something like Registry Cleaner or Windows Washer to clean up all "crap" thing. More info check out


Go to : Control Panel-Administrative Tools-Service. (Win XP)
Turn off this list and change it to manual (if available):

Automatic Updates
Computer Browser
Error Reporting Service
Help and Support
NVidia Display Driver Help
Protected storage
Remote Registry
Secondary Logon
Task Scheduler

Indexing Service (ALREADY)
Messenger (ALREADY)
Routing and Remote Access (ALREADY)
NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing (ALREADY)
Performance Logs and Alerts (ALREADY)

Modem Setting

Go to Control Panel -> Phone & Modem Options, click the Modem tab, select your Modem and click (please check out the port/xCOM that used by your modem) Properties.
Now click on the Advanced tab and click the "Change default preferences..." button.
Port Speed: 115200 (or highest that available)
Compression: Enabled
Flow Control: Hardware.


Go to Control Panel -> System > Hardware > Device Manager > Ports > COMx*(your modem COM) > Port Settings
> Bits per Second (9600)
Change 9600 to 115200 (this one you should use 115200, coz more than that is useless)
> Flow Control (None) ===> Change it to HARDWARE.


Go to Control Panel -> Network Connections, select your ISP and hit Alt+Enter.
Click Configure and set Maximum Speed to its highest setting (921600), and then check all thecheckboxes, except Enable Modem Compression, Enable Modem Speaker and Show Terminal Window.

Click Okay, select the Networking tab and click Settings.

Here, make sure Enable software compression is enabled.

Now click the OK button, and in the Network Components section, uninstall QoS if it is there and make sure only TCP/IP is checked. (if you don't use it, this could help increasing your security too)

Select it and click Properties, use DNS servers if your ISP has given you specific ones, otherwise leave it on automatic.

Click the Advanced button and make sure that IP Header Compression is disabled (it's not really important to keep your IP Header beeing compressed, so disable it).
Next up, click the WINS tab and choose Disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP.
Now click OK and close any other windows, confirming the changes you've made.

REGISTRY(for XP and 2000 only)

warn: this could mess up sometimes, i suggest you not to do it, but still if you wanna try this one, please back up your registry first and don't forget to put extension .reg when you back up it and place it somewhere that you will never forget.

1.HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Serv ices\AFD\Parameters
Add "BufferMultiplier" parameter and give it a value 400 hexidecimal (which will change into 1024).

2. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows/Current Version/Explorer/RemoteComputer/NameSpace
Delete this string below if available:

3.HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Serv ices\Tcpip\ServiceProvider.
Change this parameter:
Class - 1
DnsPriority - 1
HostsPriority - 1
LocalPriority - 1
NetbtPriority – 1

5. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\PriorityControl (if PriorityControl is not there, make the value) - on the right hand side right click and select new DWORD value, name it IrqXPriority (X = Irq assigned to your modem), then right click it and select modify and give it a decimal value of 1.


Ok..this thing is a little bit complicated. I will give you the basic of the Theory, but you must do your own test. This is because everybody got different speed/bandwith.
For this purpose, i suggest you use Cablenut to make a change or you can do that by change it manually in the registry.

1. MTU

The very first thing you must do is to find out what the MTU is for your connection. To do this follow these simple steps:
a) Open a Command Prompt or MS-DOS window. (Start > Run > "cmd.exe")
Choose a server to ping. For example, you could use, however it is best to use your ISP. Then use the following command to ping that server:
ping -f -l 1472 (sometime it work by ping -f -l 1472
If you get a message that says "Packet needs to be fragmented but DF set" then reduce the number on the end (1472) by 1 and try again until you do not get the fragmented message.

If however you did not receive the fragmented message then increase the value by 1 and try again until you get the fragmented message.
Look for the largest value that does NOT give you a fragmented error message.
Once you have this value, add 28 to it and that is your MTU value.
e.g. 1472 + 28 = 1500

2. MSS

Your MSS value is the following:
MSS = MTU - 40
so if you found that your MTU is 1500 then your MSS would be:
MSS = 1500 - 40
MSS = 1460

3a. RWIN

This is the difficult one. If you have trouble with this, just use the calculator.
Your RWIN should be a multiple of your MSS.
RWIN = MSS * multiplier
The multplier should always be an even number.
The maximum RWIN value you can use is 65535. If you wish to use a value higher than that you can scale up your answer by a power of 2:
RWIN = MSS * multiplier * 2^n (where n is a whole number)

For example,
RWIN = 1460 * 22 = 32120
RWIN = 1460 * 22 * 2^4 = 513920
That is the format for RWIN.

The optimal value for RWIN can be described like this... RWIN should equal the number of Bytes that can be downloaded in your maximum latency time, plus 10% as a buffer. This value then needs to be rounded up so it is a multiple of your MSS, following the format above.

The latency time is roughly equal to your ping to a server. However, you should always use your maximum ping time - ie the largest ping you have out of all the servers around the world. For most of you this will be around 250 ms.
You can find out your maximum ping by using the ping command on a server far away.

3b. SWIN

This is exactly the same as the RWIN above but it is for your UPSTREAM.
Calculate it using exactly the same numbers but use your upstream data rate in place of the downstream rate.

The optimal value for SWIN can be described like this... SWIN should equal the number of bytes that can be UPLOADED in your maximum latency time, plus 10% as a buffer. This value then needs to be rounded up so it is a multiple of your MSS, following the syntax above.

You can use the calculator to get this value, just put your upstream rate in the "Line Speed" box. The RWIN output can be then be taken as your SWIN.

4. TTL

You can set this to 64 if you do not wish to experiment with it. 64 will be sufficient in all cases.

However, you should be able to set it to 48, or as low as 32 if you can (the worst should be 128).

For example, from myself to my ISP's server is only 18 hops, however from myself to Yahoo's server is 30 hops. Since I have not found a server which is greater than 30 hops away from me, I can set my TTL to 32.

If you set this too low, your packets may be destroyed before they reach a server.
If you set this high (like the default value) then it's not really a big deal, however it is possible that longer delays may result from packetloss.

You can find out how many hops it is to a server by running a traceroute.
To run a traceroute, at the command prompt type:
tracert address

OK that's all the calculations and information you need to find out. Now I will state some universal optimals and the settings you can derive from the calculations above:

DisableAddressSharing = 1
PriorityBoost = 0
TransmitWorker = 32
EnableFastRouteLookup = 1
EnablePMTUDiscovery = 1
MaxFreeTCBs = 8000
MaxHashTableSize = 16384
MaxNormLookupMemory = 5000000
SackOpts = 1
SynAttackProtect = 1
TCPLogLevel = 1
TCPTimedWaitDelay = 30
MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server = 20
MaxConnectionsPerServer = 10
DisableUserTOSSetting = 0
TCPMaxDataRetransmissions = 6
DefaultTOSValue = 240

You also have these optimal values obtained from the calculations above:
DefaultReceiveWindow = [Your RWIN]
DefaultSendWindow = [Your SWIN]
TCP1323Opts = [If your RWIN is >65535 set this to 1. If your RWIN is <=65535 set this to 0]
TCPRecvSegmentSize = [Your MSS]
TCPSendSegmentSize = [Your MSS]
TCPWindowSize = [Your RWIN]
DefaultTTL = [Your TTL]

Use those setting and your "experimental" setting in Cablenut.

For those Who want to know about TCP/IP things, u can down;oad a whitepaper from microsoft here:

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July 12, 2006

Fishes flying into the boat in Brazil

This video clip shows fish jumping into a boat.

The footage was taken in the Guaporé region, on a portion of the Mequens River inside the Porto Rolins Park (a protected conservation area) where fishing is forbidden. The jumping fish shown in the video are matrinxã (Brycon cephalus), a Brazilian fresh water species.

Welcome to Jerry Springer Overseas Style

Looks fake to me, but you decide! A show turns into violence!

July 11, 2006

Best Jamaican Tour Guide Laughing

You can never beat dem in their own style!

Monkey Love Interupted

I don't know I should put a 18+ sign on this but this little bugger need noticing lol!

July 10, 2006

A Lion almost getting killed by a Zebra! [Video]

Most amazing Video of a "hunted" animal fighting back and winning...It seems what those old timers say is true "everything changed huh?" Or is it changing? The lion drank too much water, he wont be needing another Zebra ahaha!

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Crazy Guild Wars Faction Dance

This is a Crazy Video of a Dance Video made from the game called Guild Wars (its pretty famous one too) Its quite a piece of video editing and organized work! Enjoy!

July 09, 2006

Worst Soccer Keeper Ever

This golie does the trick by catching a ball. Everyone applaudes and he feels like a PIMP. Guess what, he bounces the ball then roll it up for a on the video.

I don't really blame him lol. Poor guy!

Zinedine Zidane HeadButts Italian in FIFA Finals

Crazy Zidane headbutts [pretty bad] Italian in FIFA world cup finals...motives are unknown yet. Booo Zidane...I am for Italia!

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