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June 23, 2006

Russell Peters In New York - Funny Footage

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First Runescape Phat Dupe - First RS2 Bug Abuse

The first abuse of Bug happened in Runescape during the times of Runescape Classic...previous version of Runescape aka Runescape 1. Quoted from website

"The story. Some guy (SixFeetUnder) was playing around with AutoRune (RuneScape cheat), trying to trade a scythe. He failed. During his experiments he found out one rather interesting thing. Any nonstackable item can be created. Well, he got very excited and told 5 other people - me (Kaitnieks), Dylock, g0ne, Aid uand David.

One of us couldn;t keep the mouth shut so in the next morning every RS player was crying about duped pink hats sold in Varrock for 5 mill each. Naturally it was just a matter of time for Jagex to find out, so I decided to have some fun.

Like we did the other time with banker killing.Even I know that crackers and the silly hats are the most expensive items in the game. So naturally we created those. Oh, two guys also created and alched some kind of expensive shields (I dunno, drag squares or something - hey, don't call me n00b, I finally know where Al Kharid is). They made over 1 billion each. Anyway, here are pictures."

"To create items, you must trade with someone. They can give you any nonstackable
item by specifying count = 0. It's fixed by now. Well done Jagex, took you less
than a whole day."

"Many people thanked me that day. I'm sure it was good for economy and people who
had no chance to get a silly hat, too bad we didn;t manage to make way more of

"The background. Here are some random facts.

1) Hats and other items were created by AutoRune. AutoRune is infamous RS cheat,
you don't need to know much about it, just how Jagex said there are no cheats
for RuneScape. Did they make a mistake or did they lie to you? You decide.
Anyway if someone offers you AutoRune, don't download it, it's not being given
to anyone and what you will be downloading is a keylogger. Trust me, that is so.

2) Almost all players who created items got banned. Someone made 40 mill,
someone almost 100 mill and didn't get banned but most of the accounts did.
Especially those having 1 bill GPs and 100 sets of hats. My personal gain is
some pink hats and ~5k steel bars. Not that much eh?

3) It took several hours for Jagex to figure out the problem and fix it. During
this time they didn't do anything to stop the duping.

4) Jagex could not trace which items are duped and which are normal. That's why
only some items got deleted.

5) The situation in market is very unstable but seems like the rarest hat (pink
one, the most ugly hat) is now one of the most common.

6) Jagex did not roll back. I guess they don't really mind seeing rares becoming
less rare.

7) Andrew doesn't have sense of humor. Mod Mark does. He's the man! But
Andrew... You should all send e-mail to Andrew and tell him you love him, he's
very sad and lonely. Andrew promised Dylock lifetime membership if he helps.
Instead of that he banned his account. Go on, help the kind RS mods, your reward
will be a ban, you know you want it.

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Runescape Second Dupe Glitch, RS Dupe Bug Found

In the game of Runescape that I play, there are friends of mine who are getting banned because they brought mills. Reason? It says in their ban message that they brought mills that are obtained using a bug.

The Bug is said to be 'open' when System Update Occurs and here is how its done.

Right before a system update. Three people would go into the wildy via the ardy switch. Then the person with the cash would trade 1 of the other persons. With two seconds left, they would accept the trade and the guy recieving the gold would log out. Then the third guy would kill the person who gave the gold. It was usually two level 3's and a level 100 doing this.

By doing this, the person recieving the gold's profile is saved. The person who gets killed doesnt get saved and there is a roll back so he gets the gold back.

Its a bug that can be used to dupe anything. However, not to draw attention, the dupers only duped gps...about 80 Billions of them. As most people think...this isn't done in one single you would need 80B in hand to dupe another 80B. This was said to be done over months. So lets call it "the second Dupe Glitch"

Its also the reason that millions in eBay have gone down in prices and rare prices went up. The Glitch is known to very few people but even not all of them really used it. However, whoever used it are getting banned.

A Sample of Ban message someone received:

Dear ------,

Your account has been involved in or directly receiving items which have been obtained through exploiting a bug in RuneScape.

Your account knowingly received these items and you were in control of your account during the time of the trade.

Your account will remain permanently banned.

Yours Sincerely
Mod ------
RuneScape Customer Support

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June 22, 2006

Toronto Ranked 3rd in Politeness and I say BULL

Toronto the polite Survey ranks us third, behind N.Y., Zurich as most courteous cities

It’s the city many Canadians love to hate, so detractors may be surprised to learn Toronto ranks as the third most-polite city in an international survey.

Canada’s biggest city places behind New York and Zurich in the Reader’s Digest survey of 36 cities, released yesterday.

Undercover reporters — an equal number of men and women — recorded more than 2,000 tests of behaviour to come up with the list. Seventy per cent of those tested in Toronto took a moment to do the courteous thing, compared to 80 per cent in New York and 77 per cent in Zurich.

Montreal was the only other Canadian city on the list, and ranked 21st, just below Amsterdam and slightly more polite than Helsinki and Manila.

Fifty per cent of Montrealers tested were courteous.

Toronto-based freelance writer Ian Harvey, one of the undercover testers for the magazine, said people shouldn’t be surprised that big cities were the top three most courteous places.

“Courtesy is the social lubricant that allows us — in these densely packed urban areas — to get along with each other,” he said. “And without it, we’d be at each other’s throats.”

He said he’s travelled the world and Torontonians have always struck him as being polite.

“(They) are the only people in the world that will apologize when somebody else bumps into them,” he said.

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Death to your House, Chinese Death Mobiles aka Mobile Execution Centers

Nowadays death come to your kidding! The above 75 grand vehicle contains champers to kill joo! There will be no more firing squads, just lethal-injection executions. You just stabbed that "tough lookin" neighbor? Its cool! His wife call 911 [or whatever] and the van comes in and honks. You get in, get out lifeless. Simple as that! Some claim this Chinese vehicle as humane...Some claim another "communist method" What da ya think?

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Good Evening, Sivasubramanium from bangalore Talking - Outsouring to India

Well, trust me, even I talked to a guy from Chennai regarding my SMC router problem. Its been twice and its quite amazing, me in Canada and him in India. I have "no opinion" against outsourcing...even to support it or not. Read the article from CNN and you decide [unless you are unemployed from this]

You may not be aware of it, living in the United States, but your world is increasingly being shaped by India.

Even if you've never been to India, eaten its food or watched its movies, there is a good chance you interact with it every day of your life.

It might be the place on the other end of that call you call you make if your luggage is lost on a connecting flight, or the guys to whom your company has outsourced its data processing. Every night, young radiologists in Bangalore read CT scans e-mailed to them by emergency-room doctors in the U.S.

Few Americans are surprised today to learn that their dentist or lawyer is of Indian origin, and the centrality of Indian brainpower to California's high-tech industry has long been documented.

In ways big and small, Indians are changing the world, and may become even more influential in the decades ahead.

That's because India -- the second most populous nation in the world, and projected to be by 2015 the most populous -- is itself being transformed. In the tradition of writers citing Asia's "tiger" economies and the Chinese "dragon," now comes the elephant.

India's economy is growing more than 8 percent a year, and the country is modernizing so fast that old friends are bewildered by the changes that occur between visits.

The economic boom is taking place at a time when the U.S. and India are forging new ties.

During the Cold War, relations were frosty at best, as India cozied up to the Soviet Union while successive U.S. administrations armed and supported India's regional rival, Pakistan.

But in its wake, relations grew steadily closer and in 2004, the Bush administration declared India a strategic partner and proposed a bilateral deal (presently stalled in Congress) to share nuclear know-how. After decades when it hardly registered in the political or public consciousness, India looms large on Washington's world map.

Among U.S. policymakers, the new approach can be explained simply: India is the un-China. One Asian giant is run by a Communist Party that increasingly appeals to nationalism as a way of legitimating its power. The other is the world's largest democracy.

The U.S. will always have to deal with China, but it has learned that doing so is never easy with a country bristling with old resentments at the hands of the West.

India is no pushover either, but democrats are easier to talk to than communist apparatchiks. Making friends with India is a good way for the U.S. to hedge its Asia bet.

Democracy aside, there is a second way in which India is the un-China -- and it's not to India's credit. In most measures of modernization, China is way ahead.

Last year per capita income in India was $3,300; in China it was $6,800. Prosperity and progress haven't touched many of the nearly 650,000 villages where more than two-thirds of India's population lives.

Backbreaking, empty-stomach poverty, which China has been tackling successfully for decades, is still all too common in India. Education for women -- the key driver of China's rise to become the workshop of the world -- lags terribly in India.

The nation has more people with HIV/AIDS than any other in the world, but until recently the Indian government was in a disgraceful state of denial about the epidemic. Transportation networks and electrical grids, which are crucial to industrial development and job creation, are so dilapidated that it will take many years to modernize them.

Yet the litany of India's comparative shortcomings omits a fundamental truth: China started first. China's key economic reforms took shape in the late 1970s, India's not until the early 1990s.

But India is younger and freer than China. Many of its companies are already innovative world beaters. India is playing catch-up, for sure, but it has the skills, the people and the sort of hustle and dynamism that Americans respect, to do so. It deserves the new notice it has got in the U.S.

We're all about to discover: that elephant can dance.

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June 20, 2006

Proud to be a Man. Why men are Happier!

Your last name stays put.

The garage is all yours.

Wedding plans take care of themselves.

Chocolate is just another snack.

You can be President. You can never be pregnant.

You can wear a white T-shirt to a water park. You can wear NO shirt to a water park.

Car Mechanics tell you the truth.

The world is your urinal.

You never have to drive to another gas station restroom because this one is just too icky.

You don't have to stop and think of which way to turn a nut on a bolt.

Same work, more pay.

Wrinkles add character.

Wedding dress $5000. Tux rental-$100.

People never stare at your chest when you are talking to them.

The occasional well-rendered belch is practically expected.

New shoes don't cut, blister, or mangle your feet.

One mood all the time.

Phone conservations are over in 30 seconds flat.

You know stuff about tanks.

A 5 day vacation requires only one suitcase.

You can open all of your own jars.

You get extra credit for the slightest act of thoughtfulness.

If someone forgets to invite you, he or she can still be your friend.

Your underwear is $8.95 for a three-pack.

Three pairs of shoes are more than enough.

You never have strap problems in public.

You are unable to see wrinkles in your clothes.

Everything on your face stays its original color.

The same hairstyle lasts for years, maybe even decades.

You only have to shave your face and neck.

You can play with toys all your life.

Your belly usually hides your big hips.

One wallet and one pair of shoes one color for all seasons.

You can wear shorts no matter how your legs look.

You can "do" your nails with a pocket knife.

You have freedom of choice concerning growing a mustache.

You can do Christmas shopping for 25 relatives on December 24 in 25 minutes.

No wonder men are happier!

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Did NASA really sent man to Moon? Old stuff with new questions

One of the most interesting video in this matter...Very detailed, clear and mind boggling! I always wondered about this. Sometimes I accepted the counter arguments and sometimes its just unbelievable that this all happened back then.

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Jews against Zionism? Another Side of the Story

Zionism: Noun: A movement of world Jewry that arose late in the 19th century with the aim of creating a Jewish state in Palestine

Contrary to the propaganda put out by Israel's supporters, Israel is NOT supported by the majority of the world's Jewish people. Ariel Sharon does not speak for all Jewish people. And being anti-Israel is not "anti-Semitic"

Good read I recall...I never knew there was another side! I thought everyone would love a seperate state but hmmm..

Click here for more on Zionism

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June 19, 2006

Most amazing football Goal Ever!

Now that the World Cup Football fever is on, I thought i should do few articles on it. This is one of the most amazing goals in soccer history/or call it luck. Two reasons i think it qualifies to that title is this

1. Goalie scored it.

2. The ammount of distance the ball traveled!


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June 18, 2006

Easy Way to Fold your Shirts - How the Chinese Do it!

What can I say? Chinese Rulez! =) Easy way to fold your Shirts! Quite magical too...I was sitting there and watching this with my mouth open for minutes!

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Top Secret Plane? Could be True...!

Just hit this video on You Tube and its pretty famous already. Its apparently a video of a plane launched from underwater and it pops up above the water using some kind of a rocket. Then boost upwards using its own engine.

This is completely possible as missiles like this are old school. Planes with wings that can be folded are also old school. So altogether this is possible except one aspect of this concept.

How do you store the plane? [even for this, you can say multiple answers] Such as store max of 2 planes in torpedo bays of a Sub, and you are good to go. If this video is true...It's a breakthrough in military tech for shure! Comments Welcomed!

Update #1:

After long analysis, I've come to the conclusion that this is fake

- I remember seeing a missile launch, similar to that...So this could be possibly modified video of that

- The water is not sticking/splashing around the plane's wings when it emerges from water

- When the planes is lifting off, its excreting lots of force, kinda like in a rocket/missile...This is completely not possible with the fuel used in plane.

Update #2:

After some research, I found out that this is a Trident missile of USA

Here is the original video and link to info about the missile. I would say the previous video is a good piece of Photoshop work =) In this video, a second intercepted is also fired from the Sub.

[More Info]

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