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May 29, 2007

Hamann Ferrari F430 Black Pictures

Ditching the F430’s shiny gloss finish in favor of this velvety matt black surface, Hamann has stuck with a racer look and also offers its customers a range of additional aero parts in their choice of red, orange or yellow.

Aerodynamic enhancements include a new front spoiler, rocker panel wings and a unique Hamann rear diffuser and wing.

Customers can also get the side mirrors, brake calipers, wheels and the engine cover surrounds finished in the same red, orange or yellow as the rest of the package.

Open up the doors and you’ll notice the gull wing motion, with the hinges installed in such a way as to appear as though it came off the factory floor like that.

The Hamann Black Miracle Ferrari F430 is the tuner’s latest edition to a long line of modified Italian exotics, and once again shows that the German tuner is not one to play it on the safe side.

[via pravda]

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