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August 10, 2006

Zezima Get married to Elianstp in Runescape

Breaking News: Zezima got married before? Divorced? [as in RS] What happened to previous bride? did he pked her? whistling.gif sad2.gif Eli [2nd wife?] knows this?

Photos captured by: Jessander

Previous News of 2nd Wedding

Click on the picture for a bigger version. This happened in Aug 9th in Zezima's? house!

Quite funny how the Runescape's Top player get married in game...its proven he knows her in real life too...Enjoy m8s!

The following is Elisha's REAL LIFE PIC [that I got special permission to post from RSC] Also if you ask me, I don't think Zezima is a nerd at all =]

Here are the Zezima's and Eli's replies to the post I made in RSC!

To clear everything up, yes, me and Zez are dating irl :)
Some of you might not believe in RS weddings, but if you knew us, and saw how crazy we are about eachother online, and even more in person... maybe your opinions would change. But hey, we're all different and we all have different values :P

I would like to thank everyone that was at the ceremony, and also at the parties :) I held a few parties at my house before and after the wedding. It was alot of fun :)

Special thanks to Big Knockers, he was an awesome priest and made our day that much more special :) And thank you to Zez of course, for planning almost everything.. and really making everything perfect for me blush.gif I love you!!

Eli <3 Zez 4 lyphe! ~ Eli

I love you Eli. It's an honor to be able to say I'm married to you - it feels so perfect. I just can't wait until the wedding irl.

Thanks to everyone who was there & everyone that helped me organize it. We really appreciate your support & care.

Eliane & Zez forever ~ Zezima

I love Elianestp forever. Nothing anyone says will ever change how I feel about her. <3

If you don't like it, I'm not making you waste your time on this thead. Thanks to those of you who provided positive feedback.

~ Zezima

Well some people wanted to see this, sorry if I'm not allowed to post it, but anyway here it is :

Wedding video :)

Enjoy! ~ Eli

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Link to origial replies

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