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March 24, 2006

Brain Speed Test...and it Works!

Brain speed test, yea I know you don't want to test it because YOU SUCK lol. Mine is 34...if you think I am lying, I don't give a flying f*k. I am 21 btw and I think I am one of the top performers as the stats says. I messed up at the end alot though!

Click here to take the test!

March 23, 2006

Dell's 10 Grand Gaming PC

P00nage I call it! Check check check it out :p

4.26 Giz Overclocked Duel Core SHiT
10,000 rpm 160 GB Raptor HD with another 400 Gig (7,200 rpm)
2GB DDR2 @ 667 MHz (Low Latency)
2 GB NVidia Quad SLI GForce 9800 series Chipset

Plus more but still bit overpriced though...I expect it to explode in few weeks (bwhahah)

Product Webpage

6 Speaker HeadPhone? Ooo Must have it!

With total 6 speakers built-inside (front/center, rear, and subwoofer per unit), this model provides real 7.1 channel sound. By acquiring ‘DTS Neo PC’ certification, you can listen to music recorded as 2 channel or 5.1 channel with 7.1 channel. Optical power port also makes it to connect home theater system.

Product Website

March 22, 2006

Rompe Rompe Rompe

Another blood pumpin action song from D.Yankee

Music Video Codes By

Injoy that song with some Lathino a*s winding!

Lima's Choice

The hawt model is "The World's Most Voluptuous Virgin" by US GQ magazine. The Brazilian supermodel, who has famously dated Derek Jeter and Lenny Kravitz, says she is saving herself for her husband. "Sex is for marriage," she says. "[Men] have to respect that this is my choice. If there's no respect, that means they don't want me." (March 16 2006, AM)

Thank you:

PS: Check out her eyes..can't handle it *gah*

March 21, 2006

FPS Doug Meets the Purepwnage

So you know our Doug is pwning some neebs around the parking lot with frags and 'BOOM HEADSHiT' (whoops)

View the video here

ATI launches 1Gig Graphics Card!

With a price tag of 2000 bucks FireGL V7350 doesn't look bad either!

Check full info here

Battlefield 2142 Set to hit the stores this Fall

Check out May 2006 issue of PC gamer for more details.

Click here for more information

March 20, 2006

Stealth Ships and Subs

Well, this isn't the one you heard about because this, just came in now. With a price tag of 6M, it doesn't look bad for US Army.

6M Stealth Ship

And then comes Polar Bears and Nuclear Subs. I heard stories that these Bears actually bit off the rudder of the US nuclear sub thinking its food or something.

Polar Bears and Subs

10 immediate ways to Speed up ya Computers

Heck this works kids! There are tons of ways to do it but none are complicated as this [not in a sense this is hard but as in 'ow I never heard this] and it fits my blog motta! Ha!

10 ways to speed up a computer

aah...I love astronomy. Read my first book when I was 7 years old about MIR and the monkeys and dogs going to space and stuff [forgot about it] From then I dreamed of being an astronomer till I saw buildings, then I wanted to be a Civil Engineer, then saw the stupid computers...guess what

That aside, now photo of the week thingy

Apollo 11, Last shot b4 launch

Last modified shot of Apollo 11. Click on picture to make it bigger or set it as walpaper! If I were to go on that thing to moon, and I see this scary looking thing, I would pee in my pants ;)

March 19, 2006


Abenaki (Maine USA, Canada)            Kolipaio
Achi (Baja Verapaz Guatemala)[come in] Cat oc lok paja
Adyghe (Middle East) Keblar
Adyghe (Middle East) Fesapshi
Afrikaans (South Africa) Welkom
Ainu [Saru dialect] (Japan) Ahup yan
Aklanon (Philippines) Mayad-ayad nga pag-abot
Alabamu (Texas USA) [to one person] Ont&iaacute;
Alabamu (Texas USA) [to several] Ontitoka
Alabamu (Texas USA) [to several] Ontitokaaha
Alabamu (Texas USA) [to several] Ontiibíyoka
Albanian (Albania, Yugoslavia) Mirë se vini
Albanian (Albania, Yugoslavia) Mirë se erdhët
Aleut (Alaska, Siberia) Aang
Alsatian (Alsace France) Willkomme
Altai (Russia) Jedip kelgeneerle utkïp turum
Altai (Russia) [come in] Kirzeer
Amharic (Ethiopia, Israel, Egypt) Selam
[Anishinaabe, see Ojibwe]
Apache (Arizona USA) [to man] Skee-kizzen
Apache (Arizona USA) [come in] Ha'ándáh
Arabic (Middle East, North Africa) Merhaba
Arabic (Egypt) Marhaban
Arabic (Egypt) Ahlan wa sahlan
Arabic (North Africa) MarHaban
Aragonese (Aragon Spain) [to group] Biemplegaus
Aragonese (Aragon Spain) [to a male] Biemplegau
Aragonese (Aragon Spain) [to a female] Biemplegada
Aragonese (Aragon Spain) [fem. group] Biemplegadas
Arberesh (Sicily Italy) Mire se vini
Arberesh (Sicily Italy) Mireserdhet
Armenian [Western] (Armenia) [formal] Pari yegak
Armenian [Western] (Armenia) [inf.] Pari yegas
Armenian [Eastern] (Armenia) Barev hyer
Aromunian (Greece, Balkans) Ghini vinishi
Arrernte (Australia) Werte marda
Asante (Ghana) Akwaaba
Asturian (Spain) Afayaivos
Asturian (Spain) [to man] Bienveníu
Asturian (Spain) [to woman] Bienvenida
Ateso (Uganda) Karibu
Aymará (Bolivia, Peru, Chile) Purintaxa
Aymará (Bolivia, Peru, Chile) Uinuinirutau
Aymará (Bolivia, Peru, Chile) Suma-uthma
Aymará (Bolivia, Peru, Chile) Jawilla
Azerbaijani (Azerbaijan, Iran) Xosh gälmìsän
[Aztec, see Náhuatl]

Bakweri (Cameroon) E~le
Balanta (Guinea-Bissau) Abala, lite utchole
Balinese (Bali Indonesia) Om swastyastu
Balochi (Pakistan, Iran) Khush amdeed
Balti (Tibet) Yang shok
Bambara (Mali) Kanani n'oumagner
[Bangla, see Bengali]
Baoula (Cote d'Ivoire) Akwaba
[Basa Sunda, see Sundanese]
Bashkir (Russia) Rekhim itegez
Basque (Spain, France) Ongi etorri
Basque (Spain, France) Ongi etorria
Basque (Spain, France) [to several p.] Ongi etorriak
Basque (Eastern Spain, Eastern France) Untsa jin
Bella Coola (North America) Yaw
Belorusian (Belarus) Shchyra zaprashájem
Belorusian (Belarus) Zaprashajem
Belorusian (Belarus) Z dobym prybytsyom
Bemba (Zambia, Congo-Kinshasa) Mwaiseni
Bemba (Copperbelt Zambia) Mwapoleni
Bemba (Southern Zambia) Mwabonwa
Bemba (Zambia, Congo) [come in please] Ingileni
Bengali (India, Bangladesh) Shagatom
Bicol (Philippines) Magandang umaga po
Bislama (Vanuatu) Welkam
Bosnian (Bosnia and Hercegovina) Dobro dosli
Bosnian (Bosnia and Herceg.) [reply] Bolje vas nasli
Breton (Brittany France) Degemer mat
Bukusu (Mt. Elgon Kenya) Namwikhoyele
Bukusu (Mt. Elgon Kenya) Namusangalile
Bulgarian (Bulgaria) [to one person] Dobre doshal
Bulgarian (Bulgaria) [to several] Dobre doshli
Bura (Nigeria) Ali
Bura (Nigeria) Ale
Bura (Nigeria) Lali
Bura (Nigeria) Lale
Bura (Nigeria) Maraba
Burmese (Myanmar) Mingalaba
[Byelorussian, see Belorussian]

[Cambodia, see Khmer]
Cantonese (China) Foon ying
Cassubian (Northweast Poland) Witôjtaz
Catalan (Spain, France) [to group] Benvinguts
Catalan (Spain, France) [to one male] Benvingut
Catalan (Spain, France)[to one female] Benvinguda
Catalan (Spain, France)[to group-fem.] Benvingudes
Chamorro (Guam) Hafa adai
Chechen (Northern Caucasus) [to man] Märsha wooghiil
Chechen (Northern Caucasus) [to woman] Märsha yooghiil
Chechen (Northern Caucasus) [to group] Märsha dooghiil
Cheyenne (United States) Va'ohtama
Cheyenne (United States) [come in] N´'éstséhnêstse
Chichewa [Chewa] (Malawi) Tikulandirani
Chichewa [Chewa] (Malawi) Mwalandiridwa
Chichewa [Chewa] (Malawi) Taone
[Chinese, see Cantonese and Mandarin]
Chinyanja (Zambia, Mozambique) Mwalandiridwa
Chinyanja (Africa) [come in] Lówání
[Chippewa, see Ojibwe]
Chishona (Zimbabwe) Titambirei
Chishona (Zimbabwe) Titambire
Chishona (Zimbabwe) Mawuya
Chitonga (Zambia) Mwabonwa
Chitonga (Zambia) Mwabonwa bassa noose
Chitonga (Zambia) [come in please] Kamunjila
Chitumbuka (Malawi, Zambia) Taone
Choctaw (United States) [come in] Ant chukoa
Chorti (Guatemala) [come in] Ochen macu'
Chuuk (Micronesia) Ran allim
Chuuk (Micronesia) Ráán ánnim
Chuuk (Micronesia) [to a man] Ráán ánnim o
Chuuk (Micronesia) [to a woman] Ráán ánnim ne
Chuuk (Mortlock Micronesia) Ráán állim
Chuuk (Chuuk Lagoon Micronesia) Ran annim
Chuvash (Russia) Yra sunsa ketetper
Comoran (Comoros) Karibu
Cornish (Cornwall UK) Dynnargh
Cornish (Cornwall UK) Dynnargh dhis
Corsican (Corsica) Siate u ben vinutu
Cree (Canada) Wachiya
Crioulo (Cape Verde, SaoTome&Principe) Benvindo
Croatian (Croatia, Bosnia) [to group] Dobro došli
Croatian (Croatia, Bosnia) [to male] Dobro došao
Croatian (Croatia, Bosnia) [to female] Dobro došla
Croatian (Croatia, Bosnia) [group-fem] Dobro došle
Czech (Czech Republic) Vítejte
Czech (Czech Republic) Vitame vás
Czech (Czech Republic) Srdechne vitam

Dagaare (Ghana, Burkina Faso) Fo sori?
Dagaare (Ghana, Burkina Faso) Nsai
Dakota [Sioux] (United States) Hau koda
Dakota [Sioux] (United States) Hau
Dani (Indonesia) [man to a man] Nayak
Dani (Indonesia) [man to] Nayak lak
Dani (Indonesia) [by/to a woman] La'uk
Dani (Indonesia) [by/to women] La'uk nya
Danish (Denmark) Velkommen
Dawan (West Timor Indonesia) Tkoenok tem
Dayak-Iban (Sarawak Malaysia) Selamat datai
Dekelh (Canada) [sit down - to one] Sinda
Dekelh (Canada) [sit down - to two] Sahke
Dekelh (Canada) [sit down - to 3+] Dahuts'i
Dekelh (Canada) [sit down - to 3+] Delhts'i
Dhivehi (Maldives) Us-salaam alaikum
Djabugay (Australia) Djirri-nyurra
Dusun (Sabah Malaysia) Kasanangan do kinorikatan
Dutch (Netherlands, Belgium) Welkom
Dutch (Netherlands, Belgium) Van harte welkom
Dyirbal (Australia) Nginda wundyjangum
Dzongka (Bhutan) Tashi delek

Egyptian (ancient Egypt) Iiwy
Egyptian (ancient Egypt) Iiwy em hotep
Egyptian (ancient Egypt) Iiwy em hotep nefer weret
Egyptian (ancient Egypt) Ak em hotep
Ekegusii (Kenya) Kwareganigure
English (America, Britain) Welcome
English [old English] (old Britain) Wilcume
[Eskimo, see Inuktitut and Inuttut]
Esperanto (international use) Bonvenon
Esselen (California United States) I-yu-i-yu
Estonian (Estonia) Tere tulemast
Ewe (Ghana, Togo) Weizo

Fang (Gabon, Equatorial Guinea) Ye oso mvoé
Fante (Ghana) Akwäba
Fante (Ghana) [come in] Am&etilde;e
Faroese (Faroe Islands) Vælkomin
Farsi (Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan) Khosh aamadid
Fijian (Fiji) Bula vinaka
[Filipino, see Tagalog]
Finnish (Finland) Tervetuloa
[Flemish, see Dutch]
Fon (Benin, Togo) Doo nù mi
Fon-Gbe (Benin) Kuabo
French (Europe, Africa, America) Bienvenue
Frisian (Netherlands) Welkom
Frisian [North] (Germany) Wäljkiimen
Frisian [South] (Saterland, Germany) Wilkemen
Friulian (Italy) Benvignût
Friulian (Italy) Benrivât
Fulani [Pular] (West Africa) A jaraama
Fulani [Pular] (West Africa) Lale
Fuuta Jalon (Guinea) Toolii

Ga (Ghana) Heni odjen
Gagauz (Moldova) Khosh geldiniz
Galician (Spain) [to man] Benvido
Galician (Spain) [to woman] Benvida
Galician (Spain) [to several men] Benvidos
Galician (Spain) [to several women] Benvidas
Galician (Spain) [to men and women] Benvidos
Garifuna (Guatemala) [come in] Belú bá
Georgian [Kartuli] (Georgia) Mobrdzandeet
German (Central Europe) Willkommen
German (Zurich Switzerland) Willkumm
German [Südhessisch] (Germany)[spoken] Welkumme
Giryama (Africa) Zhoyo
Greek [Hellenic] (Greece, Cyprus) Kalos orisate
Greek [classical] (ancient Greece) Chaire
[Greenlandic, see Inuttut]
Griko (Salento Italy) [to a man] Kalo's i'rte
Griko (Salento Italy) [to a woman] Kali' i'rte
Griko (Salento Italy) [to a group] Kalo's i'rtato
Griko (Salento Italy) [to a group] Kali' i'rtato
Guanche (Canary Islands) Sansofé
Guarani (Paraguay) Tapeguahê porãite
Guarani (Paraguay) Tereguahê porãite
Guarani (Paraguay) Tapeguahepora
Gujarati (Gujarat State, India) Swaagat
Gujarati (Gujarat State, India) Ao padharo
Gunggari (Australia) Gnunha yinda murdi
Guugu Yimithirr (Australia) Ngauthaan-thirr, gadiiwawu-wi
Gwich'in (Alaska) Nakhwal'in shoo ihlii

Hakka (Guangdong, Fujian China) Fon ngiang
Hassaniya (Mauritania) Ehlen
Hausa (West Africa) Barka dá zuwá
Hausa (West Africa) Sànnu dá zuwá
Hausa (West Africa) Barká maràbá da zuwà
Hausa (West Africa) Lafia
Hausa (West Africa) Lafia lau
Hawaiian (Hawaii) Aloha mai
Hawaiian (Hawaii) Komo mai
Hawaiian (Hawaii) Kipa aloha
Hebrew (Israel) [to a man] Baruch haba
Hebrew (Israel) [to a woman] Brucha haba'a
Hebrew (Israel) [to several men] Bruchim habayim
Hebrew (Israel) [to several men] Bruchim habaim
Hebrew (Israel) [to several women] Bruchot haba'ot'
Hebrew (Israel) [to several women] Bruchot habaot
[Hellenic, see Greek]
Hindi (India) Swaagatam
Hindi (India) Suswaagatam
Hindi (India) [come in] Aayiye
Hmong Daw (Laos, Thailand) Tuaj los
Hmong Daw (Laos, Thailand) [to one] Koj tuaj los
Hmong Daw (Laos, Thailand) [to two] Neb tuaj los
Hmong Daw (Laos, Thailand) [to group] Nej tuaj los
Hmong Njua (Laos, Thailand) [to one] Koj tuaj los
Hmong Njua (Laos, Thailand) [answer] Kuv tuaj los
Hmong Njua (Laos, Thailand) [to two] Meb tuaj los
Hmong Njua (Laos, Thailand) [answer] Wb tuaj los
Hmong Njua (Laos, Thailand) [group] Nej tuaj los
Hmong Njua (Laos, Thailand) [answer] Peb tuaj los
Hmong Njua (Laos, Thailand) Zoo siab tos txais koj
Hmong Njua (Laos, Thailand) [group] Zoo siab tos txais nej
Hñähñu [Otomí] (Mexico) Hats'i
Hokkien (Taiwan) Hoan ging di lai kao
Hopi (Southwestern USA) Keuwawata
Hungarian (Hungary) [formal] Isten hozta
Hungarian (Hungary) [informal] Isten hozott
Hungarian (Hungary) Üdvözöljük

Icelandic (Iceland) [to a man] Velkominn
Icelandic (Iceland) [to a woman] Velkomin
Icelandic (Iceland) [to group of men] Velkomnir
Icelandic (Iceland) [group of women] Velkomnar
Icelandic (Iceland) [to a mixed group] Velkomin
Icetot (Uganda) Ilomunities
Icetot (Uganda) Atsua marang
Igbo (Nigeria) Ilo la
[Ik, see Icetot]
Ilokano (Philippines) Dumanon cayo
Ilokano (Philippines) Umuneg cayo
Ilokano (Philippines) Naimbag nga isasangbay
Ilokano (Philippines) Naragsak nga isasangbay
Ilonggo (Philippines) Maligayang pagdating
Indonesian (Indonesia) Selamat datang
Innu (Labrador and Quebec Canada) Waachiyaa
Interlingua (constructed) Benvenite
Inuktitut [Eskimo] (Canada) Khanog illinga vet
Inuktitut [Eskimo] (Canada) Tunngasugit
Inuktitut [Eskimo] (Canada) Vlalisanamila
Inuktitut (Alaska) Qaimarutin
Inuttut [Greenlandic] (Greenland) Tikilluarit
Inuttut [Greenlandic] (Greenland) Tikilluaritsi
Irish Gaelic (Ireland) Céad míle fáilte romhat
Irish Gaelic (Ireland) Fáilte
Italian (Central Europe, East Africa) Benvenuto
Italian (Central Europe, East Africa) Benvenuti

Jacaltec (Guatemala) [come in] Ocang tij
Japanese (Japan) Irashaimasu
Japanese (Japan) Yo koso
Japanese [Tosaben] (Shikoku Japan) Oideru
Japanese [Kyo Kotoba] (Kyoto Japan) Oideyasu
Javanese (Java Indonesia) Sugeng rawuh
Jèrriais (Jersey) Beinv'nu
[Jirrbal, see Dyirbal]

Kadazan (Sabah Malaysia) Anangan do kinoikatan
Kadazan (Sabah Malaysia) Kopivosian
Kala Kawaw Ya (Australia) [come in] Aya, ngapa lagiya muyari
Kala Lagaw Ya (Australia) Sew ngapa
Kalmyk (Russia) Irkht erganavidn
Kanienkehaka [Mohawk] (United States) She:kon
Kanjobal [Q'anjob'al] (Guatemala) Okan yul
Kannada (India) Banni
Kapampangan (Philippines) Luid
Kapampangan (Philippines) Maligayang pagdatang
Karaim (Trakai Lithuania) Choš kiel'di
Karelian (Russia, Finland) Tulguah terveh
Karelian (Russia, Finland) Terveh tulgua
Kasem (Ghana, Burkina Faso) De N lei
Kasem (Ghana, Burkina Faso) De zaanem
Kaurareg (Australia) [come in] Aye, ngapa mudhiya uth
Kaurna (Southern Australia) Na marni
Kaurna (Southern Australia) [come in] Kawai
Kazakh (Kazakstan) Khosh keldiniz
Kazakh (Kazakstan) Khosh keldinizder
Kekchi (Guatemala) Sa sa' inch'ool wankat arin
Khakhas (Russia) Aalzhy polyngar
Khmer [Cambodian] (Cambodia) Sohm swaakohm
Khmer [Cambodian] (Cambodia) Svaakeatang
Khmer [Cambodian] (Cambodia) Kumpriapsua
Kikongo (Central Africa) Mbote na nge
Kikuyu (Kenya) Ukenereri
Kikuyu (Kenya) Ukaribithio
Kikuyu (Kenya) Ni mwamukirwo
Kimbundu (Angola) Wiza kyambote
Kinyarwanda (Rwanda) Urakaza
Kipsigis (Uganda) Ketachok
Kirghiz (Kyrgyzstan) [come in please] Kiriniz
Kirghiz (Kyrgyzstan) [come in please] Kire beriniz
Kirghiz (Kyrgyzstan) [come in please] Ötünüz
Kirghiz (Kyrgyzstan) [come in please] Ötüup ketiniz
Kirghiz (Kyrgyzstan) Kosh kelenizder
Kiribati (Kiribati) Mauri
Kirundi (Burundi) Kaze
Kiswahili (Southeast Africa) Karibu
Kiswahili (Southeast Africa)[to house] Karibu nyumbani
Kiswahili (Southeast Africa) [inside] Karibu mpaka ndani
Klallam (Washington United States) Sha?shu?lh cn ?a? chi nstachi
Klallam (Washington USA) [come in] ?en?á chi ch'éyexw
Komi-Permyak (Russia) Koram pyrny
Komi-Zyryan (Russia) Vidza koram
Konkani [Konknni] (India) [honorific] Yeyachi
Konkani (India) [non-honorific] Yo
Konkani (India) Yeya
Korean (Korea) Hwangyong-hamnida
Korean (Korea) Oso oseyo
Koromfe (Burkina Faso) Ng jabre
Koromfe (Burkina Faso) [answer by man] Matee
Koromfe (Burkina Faso) [ans. by woman] Wang
Koyukon (Alaska) Enaa neenyo
Kpelle (Liberia) Ba ngung
Kpelle (Liberia) Ya ngung
Krio (Sierra Leone) Kushe
Krio (Sierra Leone) Kahbo
Kumeyaay (Southern California) Kwahaup
Kuna (Panama) Nuegambi uese be noniki
Kurdish (Middle East) Hun bi xer hatin
Kupsapiny (Uganda) Chetorochak
Kwakwaka'wakw [Kwakiutl] (Canada) Gila kasla
Kwanyama (Angola, Namibia) Owe uya po
Kwanyama (Angola, Namibia) Omwe uya po
Kweyòl (Haiti) Byenvini

Lacandon (Chiapas Mexico) [come in] Or ken
Ladin (Italy) Benunì
Ladin (Badia Valley Italy) Bëgnudüs
Ladino (Spain) Bienvenida
Lahu (China, Myanmar, Thailand) A-kk'aw la
Lao (Laos) Yin dee torn lap
[Lappish, see Sami]
Latvian (Latvia) Esiet sveicinati
Latvian (Latvia) Laipni ludzam
Lenape (Delaware USA) Temike
[Leonese, see Lleonese]
Lingala (Congo) Boyei bolamu
Lingala (Congo) Oyei oi
Lingua Franca (Mediterranean) Benvenuto
Lisu (Thailand) [come in the house] Hiku a nat la
Lithuanian (Lithuania) Sveiki
Lithuanian (Lithuania) Sveiki atvyke
Lithuanian (Lithuania) [to a man] Sveikas atvykes
Lithuanian (Lithuania) [to a woman] Sveika atvykusi
Lithuanian (Lithuania) [to sev. women] Sveikos atvykusios
Livonian (Livonia) Terinch tulmõzt
Livonian (Livonia) Volgid terinch tulmõzt
Livonian (Livonia) Volgid terintõt
Lleonese (Spain) Bienveníos
Luganda (South Uganda) Tukusanyukidde
Luganda (South Uganda) [to several] Tubasanyukidde
Luganda (South Uganda) Kalibu
Luxemburgish (Luxemburg) Wëllkomm

Mabuiag (Australia)[come in the house] Aye, ngapa mudhiya uth
Macedonian (Macedonia) Dobre doshle
Macedonian (Macedonia) Dobre dojdovte
Macedonian (Macedonia) [reply] Dobro ve najdovme
Makah (Washington USA) Hooy
Malagasy (Madagascar) Tonga soa
Malay (Malaysia, Brunei) Selamat datang
Malayalam (India) Swagatam
Maltese (Malta) Merhba
Mam (Guatemala) Mápa tzúla
Mam (Guatemala) [answer] May
Mambwe (Tanzania, Zambia) [come in] Kaliu
Mampruli (Ghana) Gyaari
Mandarin [Chinese] (China) Huan yin
Mandarin [Chinese] (China) Huan ying
Mandinka (Gambia) Bisimallah
Manx (Isle of Man UK) Failt
Manx (Isle of Man UK) She dty vea
Maohi (South Pacific) Maeva
Maori (New Zealand) Haere mai
Maori (New Zealand) Nau mai
Maori (New Zealand) Tahuti mai
Maori (Cook Islands) Kia orana
Maori (Cook Islands) Turou
Mapudungun (Chile) [have a seat] Anüge
Marathi (India) [come in] Krupayaa aatuyaa
Marathi (India) [to a man, in a store] Yaa saheb
Mari (Russia) Ulo kumyn denen zhyna
Mari (Russia) Poryn vashliyna
Marshallese (Marshall Isl. [come in] Jouj im drelon
Marshallese (Marshall Islands) Yokwe yok
[Maya, see Yucatec Maya]
Mende (Sierra Leone) Á seneo
Menomini (North America) Posoh
Meriam Mir (Australia) Maiem
Miami (Oklahoma USA) Aya aya
[Miao, see Hmong]
Miccosukee (Florida United States) Che hun tah mo
Mien [Yao] (Laos, Thailand) [come in] Bieqc biauv oc
Mien (Laos, Thailand) [come in] Bieqc oc
Mien (Laos, Thailand) A'hneiv zipv meih
Mina (Togo) Wezon
Minangkabau (West Sumatra Indonesia) Salamaik datang
Mixtec (Estetla Mexico) [come in] Ne'e ve'e
[Mohawk, see Kanienkehaka]
Mohican [Mohegan] (USA) [be at home] Komeekha
Moldavian (Moldova former USSR) Bien ati veni
Monegasque (Monaco) Benvegnüu
Mongolian (Mongolia) Tavtai moril
Mongolian (Mongolia) Sain irsenee
Mòoré [Mossi] (Burkina Faso) Yèhla
Mordvin (Russia) Kenyardtano eizenk
Morisyen (Mauritius) Allo qui maniere

Náhuatl [Aztec] (Mexico, El Salvador] Ximocehuitzino
Náhuatl [Aztec] (Mexico, El Salvador] Ma moyolihcatzin
Náhuatl [Aztec] (Mexico) [plural] Nanmoyolihcatzin
Náhuatl [Aztec] (Mexico, El Salvador) Ahuiyacan
Náhuatl [old: Aztec Empire] [come in] Xicalaquican
Nakota (USA, Canada) [come in] Tin u
Nauru (Nauru) Talofa
Navajo (SW USA) [come in- to one] Yah aninááh
Navajo (SW USA) [come in- to two] Yah ooh'aash
Navajo (SW USA) [come in- to three +] Yah oohkááh
Naxi (Yunnan China) Kuq xeq
Ndebele (South Africa) Siyaalemukela
Nenets (Russia) Tyuda'
Nepali (Nepal) Swagatam
Newari (India, Nepal) Lasa-kusa
Nez Perce (Idaho USA) 'Á-cim
Ngbaka (Africa) Dé téá
Niuean (Niue) Fakaalofa lahi atu
Norwegian (Norway) Velkomen
[Ñähñu, see Hñähñu]
[Occitan, see Provencal]

Ojibwe [Anishinaabe] (Canada) Biin dig gain
Ojibwe [Anishinaabe] (Canada) Mino-o dapin
Oriya (India) Aasantu
Oromo [Galla] (Kenya, Somalia) Simad'd'a
[Otomí, see Hñähñu]

Pa'ikwene (Amazon) [to a man] Paraknaba
Pa'ikwene (Amazon) [to a woman] Par'knabai
Paipai (Southern California USA) Myu
Paipai (Southern California USA) Miu
Palauan (Palau) Alii
Papiamentu (Dutch Antilles) Bon bini
Pashto (India) Pe kher ragle
Pashto (India) [please sit down] Lutfan kena
[Pidgin English, see Tok Pisin]
Plattdeutsch (N. Germany, Friesland) Willkamen
Pocomchi (Guatemala) [come in] Oquen
Polish (Poland) [to one, familiar] Witaj
Polish (Poland) [to several people] Witajcie
Polish (Poland) [by one person] Witam
Polish (Poland) [by several people] Witamy
Polish (Poland) [by several people] Witamy serdecznie
Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil) Bem-vindo
Potowatomi (United States) Bozho
Provencal [Occitan] (France) Planvienguda
Provencal [Occitan] (France) Benvenguda
[Pular, see Fulani]
Punjabi (India) Sushri akal
Punjabi (India) Ji ayan nun
Punjabi (India) Ji aian nu

[Q'anjob'al, see Kanjobal]
Quechua (Cuzco Peru) [come in] Pasaykamuy
Quichua(Ecuador)[please come entering] Shamupai
Quichua(Ecuador)[please come entering] Yaicumupailla
Quichua (Ecuador) Alli shamushca capay

Rapa Nui (Easter Island) Iorana
Reunion Creole French (Reunion) Oté
Romani [Gypsy] (Central Europe) Mišto avilan
Romani [Gypsy] (Central Europe) Mišto reslan
Romani [Gypsy] (Central Europe) Kušti bok
Romanian (Romania) Bun venit
Romanian (Romania) Bine ati venit
Romansch [Raeto-Romance](Switzerland) Bainvegni
[Runasimi, see Quechua]
[Runa Shimi, see Quichua]
Russian (Russia) Dobro pozhalovat'

Saami [Davvi Saami] (Scandinavia) Bures boahtin
Saami [South Saami] (Scandinavia) Buerie biejjie
Saami [South Saami] (Scandinavia) Burie båeteme
Saami [Skolt Saami] (Russia) Puä'ð tiõrvân
Saami [Skolt Saami] (Russia) Pue'tted kiõccâd
Saami [Inari Saami] (Russia) Pyerestpuáttim
Saami [Inari Saami] (Russia) Pyereest puáttim
Samoan (Samoa) Maliu mai
Samoan (Samoa) Sosopo mai
Samoan (Samoa) Afio maia
Samoan (Samoa) Talofa lava
Sango (Central African Republic) Ndjoni gango
Sardinian (Italy) Bene bennios
Sarnami (Suriname, Holland) Swaagat
Sarnami (Suriname, Holland) [formal] Marhaba
Sarnami (Suriname, Holland) [informal] Aao
Scottish Gaelic (Scotland) Fàilte
Scots (Scotland) Walcome
Scots [Ulster Scots](Northern Ireland) Fair faa ye
Sepedi [Sotho] (South Africa) [noun] Kamogelo
Sepedi [Sotho] (South Africa) [verb] Amogela
Serbian (Serbia, Bosnia) [to a group] Dobrodoshli
Serbian (Serbia, Bosnia) [to 1 man] Dobrodoshlo
Serbian (Serbia, Bosnia) [to 1 woman] Dobrodoshla
Serbian (Serbia, Bosnia) [sev. women] Dobrodoshle
Seselwa (Seychelles) Byenveni
Sesotho (Lesotho, South Africa) Tama
Sesotho (Lesotho, South Africa) [noun] Kamohelo
Sesotho (Lesotho, South Africa) [verb] Amohela
Setswana (S Africa, Botswana) Goroganga ka pula
Setswana (S Africa, Botswana) [noun] Kamogelo
Setswana (S Africa, Botswana) [verb] Amogela
Shanghainese (Shanghai China) Hue ying
Shelta (Ireland, USA) [no longer used] Graaltcha
Sherpa [Helambu] (Nepal, Tibet) Phep nang dong
Sherpa [Solu] (Nepal, Tibet) Lasse
Shetlandic (Shetlands, Scotland, UK) In buis
Shimasiwa (Comoros) Karibu
Shor (Russia) [come into the house] Emge kiraar
Sicilian (Italy) Benvinutu
Silozi (Zambia) Mulumeni
Silozi (Zambia) [come in please] Amukena
Sindhi (India, Pakistan) Khush amdeed
Sinhalese (Sri Lanka) Piliganimu
Sinhalese (Sri Lanka) Ayubowan
Sioux [see Dakota]
Siswati (Swaziland, South Africa) Sondzela
Slovak (Slovakia) Vitajte
Slovenian (Slovenia) [to one man] Dobrodošel
Slovenian (Slovenia) [to one woman] Dobrodošla
Slovenian (Slovenia) [to two men] Dobrodošla
Slovenian (Slovenia) [to two women] Dobrodošli
Slovenian (Slovenia) [1 man & 1 woman] Dobrodošla
Slovenian (Slovenia) [3 or more] Dobrodošli
Slovenian (Slovenia) [3 or more women] Dobrodošle
Somali (Somalia, Ethiopia) Soo dhawoow
Sorbian [Upper Sorbian] (Germany) Witany
Sorbian [Upper Sorbian] (Germany) Witajce k nam
[Sotho, see Sepedi and Sesotho]
Spanish (Spain, America) [to group] Bienvenidos
Spanish (Spain, America) [to male] Bienvenido
Spanish (Spain, America) [to female] Bienvenida
Spanish (Spain, America) [to females] Bienvenidas
Sumbanese (Indonesia) Silamo
Sundanese [Basa Sunda] (Indonesia) Wilujeng Sumping
Swedish (Sweden) Välkommen

Tagalog (Philippines) Mabuhay
Tagalog (Philippines) Maligayang pagdating
Tagalog (Philippines) Tuloy po kayo
Tahitian (Tahiti) Maeva
Tahitian (Tahiti) Maeve, manava
Tajik (Tajikistan) Rahmat
Tamil (India, Southeast Asia) Enna vishayam
Tarahumara (Mexico) [come in; to one] Baquisí
Tarahumara (Mexico) [come in; to sev.] Mo'huisí
Tashkorghani (Central Asia) [sit down] Nith
Tatar (Russia) Hush kildegez
Tatar (Russia) Rekhim itegez
Telugu (India) Suswaagatam
Telugu (India) Swaagatam
Tenaina (Alaska) Chin'an gu hin yu
[Teuso, see Icetot]
Thai (Thailand) Yin dee
Thai (Thailand) Inde torn lap
Thangmi [Thami] (Himalayas) Sewa
Tibetan (Tibet, China) Chaa-phe nang
Tigrigna (Eritrea) Enqai dehan mesakum
Tlingit (Alaska) Yak'ei haat yigoodee
Tokelau (Tokelau Island) Talofa lava
Tok Pisin (Papua New Guinea) Mipela welkam yupela
Tonga (Tonga) Malo e lava mai
Tonga (Tonga) Malo e lelei
Tsimshian (North America) [enter] Ts!i'ona gi'ot
Tukang Besi (Indonesia) Mai 'eka
Tulu (India) Balle
Turkish (Turkey, Northern Cyprus) Hos geldiniz
Turkish (Turkey, North. Cyprus)[reply] Hos bulduk
Turkmen (Turkmenistan) Hosh geldiniz
Tuvaluan (Tuvalu, Nauru) Talofa mai
Tuvan (Russia) [come in please] Kirip moorlañar

Uchinaaguchi (Okinawa Japan) Mensooree
Uchinaaguchi (Okinawa Japan) [come in] Ii misooree
Udmurt (Russia) Gazhaca ëtiskom
Ukrainian (Ukraine) Laskavo prosimo
Ukrainian (Ukraine) Bitaemo
Umatilla (Washington State USA) Nich-che-coogh
Urdu (Pakistan, India) Khush amaadiid
Uyghur (Central Asia) Hosh keldingiz
Uzbek (Uzbekistan) Hush kelibsiz

Valencian (Spain) Benvingut
Veps (Russia) Tervhen tulda
Veps (Russia) Tervhen tuldes
Vietnamese (Vietnam) Chào mung
Vietnamese (Vietnam) Hoan nghênh
Visayan (Philippines) Maayong pagabot
Votic (Russia) Terve tultua

Wallisian (Wallis and Futuna Islands) Malo e lelei
Walloon (Belgium) Wilicom
Warumungu (Australia) [come and sit] Appijira kapi parra mara ngala kanya
Welsh (Wales) Croeso
Wintu (California USA) [come in] 'El-panaman
Wintu (California USA) [come in] Hoh man 'el-pana
Wolof (West Africa) Salam alaikum

Xhosa (South Africa) Siya namkela nonke
Xhosa (South Africa) [noun] Ulwamkelo
Xhosa (South Africa) [verb] Amkela

[Yao, see Mien]
Yiddish (central Europe) Zayt vilkum
Yiddish (central Europe) Zayt bagrist
Yolngu Matha (Australia) Go rali marrtji
Yolngu Matha (Australia) Yo manymak
Yoruba (West Africa) [honorific] E kaabo
Yoruba (West Africa) [non-honorific] O kaabo
Yucatec Maya (Mexico) Tistik
Yucatec Maya (Mexico) Tukin a pakat
Yucatec Maya (Campeche Mexico) Hulel
Yugambeh (Australia) Jingiwalli wahlu
[Yolngu Matha, see Djambarrpuyngu]
Yugur [Western Yugur] (Gansu China) Yahsh mô
Yumpla Tok (Torres Strait Australia) Maiem
Yup'ik (Alaska) Quyana tailuten
Yup'ik (Alaska) Quyana tailuci
Yup'ik (Siberia) Quyanaghhalek tagilusi
Yup'ik (Siberia) [by more than one] Quyakamsi

Zapotec (Mexico) Guens sa bisui yubtu
Zapotec (Mexico) Gashlee
Zapotec (Tehuantepec Mexico) [come in] Byú'u
Zapotec (Tehuantepec)[ans: I'm coming] Mapeka
Zulu (South Africa) Isibingelelo
Zulu (South Africa) [noun] Ukwemukela
Zulu (South Africa) [verb] Emukela

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